“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”

- Alice in Wonderland.

We don't need to create a world of our own to find nonsense in our daily lives. It keeps you on your toes and keeps life interesting.

So are you paying attention it? Cause I am.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Give it to me, Baby...?

I know there is a strange fascination in our culture around sex and sex appeal. Everything comes down to sex these days, as we've probably heard a million times "sex sells". I know that from when I was growing up to what kids are growing up with now it becoming quite disturbing. At least when I was younger, it was more subtle. But I feel like there is a more extremism in the way we advertise even to children nowadays...

For example, let's look at a diaper ad from 1985.

Subtle, humorous and we get the point.
Adults are essentially the consumers of this product and I would find this very funny in it's own way, but still tasteful. It's not pushing limits or in any way inappropriate, except that it is putting an adult persona on a toddler.

We can let it slide.

Now let's look a more  recent advertisement that came out Feb. 1, 2010...
I'm not even sure where to begin with this scandal, but it seemed to so familiar that I realized that well hey, I know what this reminds me of and I find this extremely disturbing...David Beckham's sexy Armani Underwear Ad. (Whom by the way looks stunningly sexy covered in baby oil holding a rope). But I don't want to necessarily see a baby covered in baby oil holding a rope..half naked. Um this is like porn for pedophiles! WTF?!
Sex does sell but this need not apply to company's like South Korea's trusted Huggies for their brand Goodnights pull-ups to prevent bed wetting. Inappropriate! I mean I understand that there is a different culture thing going on, but when will the line be drawn? Luckily, they stopped using this advertising technique do to outraged mothers.

I'll take the 1985 ad thanks. Is this what our generations to come will think is humorous, and what effect will this have on my children or my children's children. 

And it's not like this isn't being addressed, it's just ignored. I remember watching a South Park episode called "The Ring" was the premiere episode of it's 13th season which exploits how Disney tells sex to children. This was a very light-hearted and humorous way of pointing this out.
I'm sure most of the kids like me that grew up in the 90's have googled all the fun sexual bloopers and things in Disney movies that went over our heads. I was able to find on youtube a video that shows how sexual subliminal messages were used in Disney (and potentially other movies/cartoons/etc.). Although this is an ongoing debate and nothing can be proven, this is something to consider.
I'll admit he video is very extreme, but it's messages serves a point. Although it's only a children's movie and it's made for adult humor, we forget that children pick up on every little thing. It may not seem like a big deal, but when your kids start asking questions or being to mimmic swears and the behaviors that they see get a reaction.. it sticks, trust me.

And it starts extremely early, and we provoke it apparently, because sex does sell.
You'd think people would know where to morally draw the line, but I guess not considering the first example of the Huggies' Ad came out only 4 days ago. 

If that's not bad enough I went ahead and did some research on toys for infants to really young kids and this is what I found...

Come on boys and girls, you can shave the baby....everywhere. Um last time I checked, BABIES DON'T HAVE PUBIC HAIR!! Way to go Japan...
(Click here to see other strange Japanese children toys too...you'll be shocked. It's mildly amusing for us, because we're adults but keep in mind please these are kids toys!!) 

Or check out this neat one from Spain...Bebe Gloton, which when translated means "Baby Glutton" (that's just awesome, one of the seven deadly sins and the reason for the obesity problems that we have in the world) that doesn't even require a bottle! Sweet, except for the fact that it's a breast feeding doll. Yup, breast feeding. Children breastfeeding. Like we don't have enough issues with younger kids keeping there legs closed, let's teach a 5 year old what breast feeding is. I'm sorry but if I was a parent up until about my kid turns like 15 am I ready for them to know how the body works and that babies don't come from a stork.

Or an even better one from Spain...check out the new Baby Wee Wee's commercial and you tell me if you want your 3 year old whippin' this out at playgroup:

Like really, wtf is that?!

And last but not least, it scares me to think that parent's let their teenagers dress in tiny abercrombie short skirts and tank tops that is a pedophile's wet dream, but their friggen children. Although the issue is addressed in various ways, for example, New York has decided to ban provocative children's clothing, there is very little actually done about it. I'm sorry but high heels are meant for young ladies, yet
heelarious is a new designer line of high heels for babies! Their tagline, "her first high heels". Um hello she can't even walk, what the hell is the point of that except to continue to exploit women and sell sex to kids, because believe it or not heels are sexy. It may look cute on your kid, but you're only making her look like a slutty baby. I prefer baby converse if I really feel the need to make a statement through my innocent child.

It just amazes me that people don't really think about this kind of stuff. It's just morally wrong to sexualize children for the purpose of marketing and advertising. And people wonder why there is kiddy porn and sex offenders, if we stopped using kids to sell sex maybe wierdos wouldn't get the wrong idea.
So I'm sure a lot of people don't feel like this is relevant to their life, but someday (hopefully, maybe...when your ready and want to) will have baby and you'll actually care about how it grows up.